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Dart's Nougat (Whole Bean)


Image of Dart's Nougat  (Whole Bean)

Milk chocolate and nougat

“How do I know he’s not a lizard? His face opened up and he ate my cat.”

Life is rough when you’re a misunderstood demodog. Even tougher when living in a hive mind tries to take away from following your heart.

Dart just wants to be free to do what demodogs do, eat meat, molt their skin, and share his love of nougat with the human he’d rather not eat. We get it Dart, we all love Dustin that much too! The love of nougat is strong with these two, and we couldn’t help but feel our hearts soften like a nougat filling at this little demodog. We’ve combined the marshmallowy goodness of that nougat delight with the rich flavor of milk chocolate. Indulge in this nod to nougat and remember: you never know when your shared love for candy will save your life!

Our coffee beans are always chosen with care to ensure they are the highest quality. Our flavoring is subtle so that it enhances the rich flavor of the bean. The result is as comforting as not getting eaten by your new pet.

Most importantly, we adhere to the strict belief that freshness matters and all coffees are shipped within 24 hours of roasting.

*This is a whole bean product, if you would like your coffee ground just before shipping please leave a note in the comment section.

*We are a small batch, craft coffee roasting company, we don't roast the coffee until you order it. We hold zero inventory (except for our secret personal library stash).