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Book Lovers Coffee

Darkling Roast (whole bean), 12 oz.


Image of Darkling Roast (whole bean), 12 oz.

Our Darkling Roast is a taste filled experience with hints of dark chocolate. This is a dark roasted bean with rich bold flavors that will keep you focused page after page.

**Warning...you may feel like taking over the world after drinking this, do not let your inner villain take over!

*This is a whole bean product, if you would like your coffee ground just before shipping please leave a note in the comment section.

*We are a small batch, craft coffee roasting company, we don't roast the coffee until you order it. We hold zero inventory (except for our secret personal library stash).

*This coffee ships in a priority envelope that will hold 2 bags, so you can save yourself an additional 4.00 on shipping by adding 2 bags to your cart.